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What Veterinarians Learned From Their Pet Patients About Fighting Cancer

Cancer patients can learn a lot from their pet patients. Veterinarians who have cancer can learn much about fighting cancer from their furry friends. Pets often show fantastic resilience in the face of serious illness, and they can offer hope and inspiration to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

One Veterinarian diagnosed with cancer shares his experiences and lessons learned from treating pet patients. She explains that one of the most important things she learned was to keep a positive outlook, no matter her challenges. She also stresses the importance of staying active and eating a healthy diet, both of which can help boost the body's

While most people think of cancer as a uniquely human affliction, it also takes its toll on animals. Dogs and cats have been known to develop tumors just like humans do.

In 2018 Dr. Renee AlSarraf, the veterinary Oncologist who has treated countless pets with cancers, only received her diagnosis last summer: endometrial carcinoma, which starts inside the inner lining of the uterus."

"I never thought I'd be one of those people, but it turns out my experience with cancer has been relatively common. Hopefully, this will serve as a cautionary tale for other women and show them that they should always consider their health when looking at whether or not something could give you trouble down the road," said Alsarraf, 55, who lives in Montclair, New Jersey She found out she had stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma after going to have a routine annual gynecological exam.

What did veterinarians learn from your animal patients that went through their treatments?

My dog is always happy to see me, even if I'm not the best. They're a great reminder of how life should be - living in the moment without worrying about what might happen next or why things don't work out for me sometimes.

I try hard each day to take one deep breath and enjoy being alive because worry never gets anything done anyway.

Another lesson I've learned is that dogs never judge us. It doesn't matter if you just lost your job or misspoke and felt like a fool--they love unconditionally, no matter what's happening in our lives now! My dog will always look up to me as adoringly as she does when we're sitting together on the sofa with her head stuck between my legs while trying desperately not to let go sopping wet from chemo treatment hair...

Dogs are amazing creatures because they love us unconditionally and remind us to live in the moment. No matter what might happen in our lives at any given time, dogs will always look up to us with adoring eyes. They're a great reminder of how life should be lived - with no worries about what might happen next or why things sometimes don't work out for us.

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